miercuri, 31 martie 2010

-574- Bratara asimetrica, piele de caprioara, broderie de matase, turcoaz, malachit

Bratara asimetrica realizata din piele de caprioara si piele lucioasa Bordeaux, broderie de matase, turcoaze, malachit, delicas, margele de nisip, cristale, organza.

Dimensiuni: latime l=11cm, lungime minima L=17 cm.

Vanduta, se poate realiza la cerere.

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  1. Hello,

    I was delighted with his work, all very delicate and different.

    I liked very much, thank you for the pleasure in my eyes. it is sad that Romania is so far from where I live now (Brazil). If allowed would like to add your blog in my "favorite list of blogs."

    I wish you Peace